What age can I start massage?

Your baby is ready to receive nurturing touch anytime from birth. However some babies can find it a little bit overwhelming in the first few weeks, and some parents can find it a little daunting to try to get to a morning class with a new born baby! Some parents like to wait until their babies are around 6 weeks old, however there is no hard and fast rule, you and your baby will be welcome any time!

What do I need to bring?

At our group sessions all equipment such as change mats and towels will be provided. All you need to bring are yourself and your baby, any milk/food your baby may require and spare nappies.

What if my baby cries?

Crying is absolutely normal. All babies cry from time to time and if your baby cries we encourage you to listen to what he is telling you and cuddle/soothe as much as you need.

What if my baby needs feeding?

All our classes are baby led so you are free to respond to what your baby is telling you. You are more than welcome to feed your baby during the sessions, and you will always receive handouts on the strokes if you miss any bits.

What if my baby has special needs?

Infant massage can be very helpful to babies who have faced challenges in their lives. It can be a lovely way to open up communication between parent and baby. Massage can also help with muscle development and tone, coordination, stimulation to the immune system and mind and body awareness.  As a general rule if you baby is well enough to be bathed and dried your baby is well enough to enjoy massage. For babies with complex medical needs it is advisable to speak to your baby’s doctor first.

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