What's covered in a Baby Massage Course?

Each baby massage course will consist of 5 weekly session, each session lasting around 90 minutes.

During the course you will learn all the strokes you will need to massage your baby's Legs, Stomach, Chest, Arms, Face and Back. These are broken down each week so you and your baby are not overwhelmed.  

You will also learn:

  • A specific Colic routine,

  • Touch Relaxation,

  • Gentle Movements,

  • What oils to use,

  • The importance of good positioning,

  • New born Behavioural States and Infant Cues,

  • How to adapt massage to individual needs and for a growing child.

The first part of each session we recap on previous strokes and learn the new strokes for that week, after this the babies are dressed and parents have the opportunity to share birth and early parenting experiences.

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